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A truly legendary experience

Echoes of Angmar offers a true vanilla experience with all content up to and including Volume I, Book 11 faithfully recreated. This means original zones and quest chains, complete (pre-split) instances, and yes, even the old trait system. You use the original client to connect to our server. No cash shop, no quest helper, original difficulty. We hope you still remember how to get around the Old Forest without a map!

Release Schedule

Our current plan is to open the persistent Beta toward the end of 2022. We will run one or two public tests before that to validate the stability of the server for launch. These tests will happen in November at the earliest. We will provide more details closer to the planned release date.

  Resolving launch issues with the Book 11 client

We've heard from our community that some players were unable to launch the Echoes client during the last public test. While there's not much we can do to help you launch a 15 year old program on your particular modern PC, we would like everyone to be able to participate in the upcoming persistent Beta.

The most prevalent issue seems to be with missing system libraries. We have prepared a simple tool that should help with detecting those - to run the tool, make sure your client is fully patched using the Echoes Launcher, then go to your client install directory and locate the executable called pltest.exe. When you run this executable, it should tell you if anything's missing from your system. If the program just exits silently, your system has everything that's needed to run the client.

If there are any errors, please consult your search engine or the community as to what packages you might be missing. Install them and repeat the process until there are no more errors reported by the test tool.

We will open the logon server this weekend to allow people to test that their fixes actually enable them to launch the client successfully. Note that the world will not be accessible and no gameplay will be possible.


1. Download & install the game client

You will need the original 2007 EU (Codemasters) client patched to Book 11 content. We don't provide the client but it can be found around the Internet, for example here.

If you want your client in a language different than English, make sure to select it during installation!

We recommend that you select the "Custom" installation option and install the client into a custom folder (such as D:\Games\Echoes of Angmar) to avoid issues with Windows UAC. Make sure to also select the high resolution texture pack when prompted!

  Windows 11
The installer will throw an error at the end while trying to install an old version of the .NET framework. This can be safely ignored.
After installation, do not launch the game, doing so will corrupt your client!

2. Download & install the Echoes of Angmar launcher

Echoes Launcher

Run the downloaded executable to install the launcher. If Windows complains, select More Info and/or Run Anyway. If you're missing the required .NET Runtime, the installer will direct you to a download page (if not sure, select the x64 version of the framework). You will have to install the runtime and restart EchoesSetup.exe to resume the process.

Once the installation completes, the launcher can be found in your Start menu like any other application.

  Linux & Mac
Command line launcher capable of running the client under wine will be released Soon™.

3. Create a game account

Visit the account creation portal below to sign up.

  Privacy & Security
We recommend using unique username and password for EoA that isn't connected to your other online identities, for example your live game accounts. We also recommend that you set up a new e-mail address to use with your EoA account.

Create Account

4. Play!

Run Echoes of Angmar Launcher from the Start menu. If there's an update available for the launcher, it will ask you to download it. Simply click the OK button to perform the update.

  Launcher Updates
The launcher self-updates on start. Make sure to close and re-open it at least once in a while to keep it up to date!

The launcher will need to know where you installed the Book 11 client. It will try to find it automatically but if it can't do that, it will prompt you to navigate to the client folder. This is the folder you picked during the SoA install process. If you're not sure, try the default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Codemasters\The Lord of the Rings Online.

Enter your login credentials when prompted. If the server is online, you can now hit Play! If the server is full, you will be placed into a queue. Keep in mind that closing the launcher while queued up will cost you your spot!



Our goal is to create a positive game environment and foster a healthy community. We will take action against any conduct that we consider disruptive to that vision, regardless of whether it is explicitly mentioned in these rules or not.

Please understand that breaking server rules will generally result in a permanent account ban and thus loss of access to all characters on that account. If in doubt, don't do it!


We won't tolerate any sort of harassment, abuse or griefing.

Foul language, toxicity, spam and off-topic conversation of any kind are not permitted in public chat channels. This applies to /say, all zone channels (Regional, OOC, Advice, ...) and global channels (world, glff, ...) that are publicly advertised. Private tells (whispers) follow the same rules if the recipient reports them. We will not police fellowship or kinship chat, nor any private global channels.

Only English is allowed in the game's public channels (as defined above). For communication in other languages, please create a user channel. Bi-lingual advertisement of such channels using regular global channels is allowed; same applies for non-English speaking kinships.

Character and kinship names that are offensive or that make overt real-world references (especially political or otherwise controversial) are prohibited. Please note that use of special characters to bypass the game's foul language filter will be considered a violation, as will using non-English slurs in your names.


If you discover an exploit (meaning any action that provides an in-game advantage outside of normal rules), please report it. Taking advantage of such exploits will of course result in a ban for everyone involved.

This includes but is not limited to: item and currency multiplication, invulnerability, effect stacking, item consumption (e.g. using potions without spending them, crafting without ingredients, etc.), bypassing encounter mechanics and taking advantage of bugs in monster or pet AI.

Cheating is likewise strictly prohibited. This includes any sort of speed or wall hacks, client memory manipulation, packet alteration, modifying client data in a way that affects gameplay, etc.


Running multiple clients simultaneously in PvE is allowed, as long as no input automation is used and no other rules are being broken. As a rule of thumb, having a second character on /follow is OK, anything beyond that is not recommended. If running multiple characters, make sure to avoid any in-game behavior that could be considered unfair, such as camping mob or resource spawns.

Multiboxing is strictly prohibited in PvMP, without exception.

Any other form of automation is also prohibited. Botting and AFK play in particular will result in a ban not only for the account that engaged in it but also for any characters that were traded any items collected by the bot (through direct trade or otherwise).

The use of keystroke macros is generally not allowed, especially where it leads to input spam and increased load on the server.



"What is Echoes of Angmar? Is it true SoA?"

EoA is a faithful recreation of the game as it was back in 2007. It uses the original client, meaning the graphics, landscapes, instances etc. are all exactly as they used to be back in the day. Server-side information that is not directly present in the client had to be recreated from references. Where these are lacking we had to make some guesses so the experience isn't 100% the same - but it's as close as it gets.

"Is this a #nochanges project or are you making adjustments to content, balance, etc.?"

We try to keep everything as close to the original as possible. We will not be making any changes beyond bug fixes, unless there's a technical reason to do so. This may change in the future as we start looking at our long-term plans for the server but for now the project is strictly #nochanges.

"Why Book 11 specifically?"

We are limited by what client patches are publicly available on the Internet. Book 11 is the latest available patch that has all the important content (Annúminas and The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu in particular) but that still predates many of the later landscape nerfs and changes (such as the Angmar revamp, Old Forest map, etc.)

"Will you ever release any of the later SoA patches?"

We will consider upgrading the server to Book 14 at a later date if there's enough demand (and will) for it.

"Will we ever see Moria, Mirkwood, etc?"

Unlikely. We have no plans for any versions of the game beyond SoA.

"Is this a progressive server? What will be available at launch?"

Yes, content will be released progressively. However, the base game is still Book 11 so all tuning, itemization etc. will be as of that version of the game.

The server will release with PvE content roughly equivalent to the original Book 8 (aka SoA launch content). Some zones that were not available at SoA release may be closed off (Evendim, High Pass, Tâl Bruinen, ...) and open later with their respective Book patches.

Additional content will be released over time, more or less as it did back in the day:

The housing system, monster play (PvMP) and session play will release When It's Ready™. There will be a separate Beta for PvMP before its full release.

"Will there be festivals?"

We will try to make festivals available at a later date. We don't have any concrete plans as to when, though.

"Is the server source code available? Can I run my own server?"

No. We will not be releasing the server source code.


"What is the Stress Test?"

We will be running a series of short tests (couple of hours to 1-2 days at a time) aimed at testing the server under realistic load. This is to prepare the server for its Beta phase. It will be open to the public so please keep an eye on this page for updates.

Needless to say, there will be server wipes between individual Stress Tests and before Beta opens.

"How will the Beta work?"

During the Beta phase, we will start with a character level cap that enables access to all starter content. When that content is tested, we will gradually raise the level cap and open up content/instances until we reach parity with our planned launch content (Book 8).

"How long will the Beta last?"

As long as necessary.

We will adjust the duration of each level cap phase as we see fit. We will try to keep a healthy pace but we won't advance the server if there are major outstanding bugs or known exploits that would hinder the server in the long run.

"Will there be a wipe after Beta?"

Our current plan is to not wipe the server after Beta. We will transition into full release seamlessly after hitting the level cap and fixing all the major bugs that were discovered during testing. There will likely be a transitional period after the Beta concludes and before our first post-launch content release to give players who did not participate in the Beta a chance to catch up. It is possible that Evendim will be released during this transitional phase to provide new alt leveling options for our Beta testers.

"So the Beta is really just a gradual launch?"

Not really. We expect to see bugs and server crashes during the Beta phase. You may need to repeat broken quests, replace lost items, accept that instance bosses are bugged, etc. Server crashes can disrupt your progress, kick you out of instances or make you log back surrounded by hostile mobs.

During Beta, our Game Masters will not provide assistance with these issues (such as replace lost items, complete quests for you, etc.) so please keep that in mind if you decide to join the testing.

"What if there are major exploits used during the Beta to gain unfair advantage?"

We will do whatever is necessary to amend the situation. We could remove items and/or currency, roll back quest completion etc. at our discretion. We will do our best to avoid doing this but we will do what's best for the health of the server and its community.

All server rules apply during the Beta so offenders will the banned if engaging in known exploits.

"Should I participate in the Beta?"

Our Beta is very much like an "Early Access" - you get to play early, but you will probably need to endure some inconvenience and work around some rough edges. You can try the game and if its state isn't polished enough for you, simply park your character and come back when we transition into a full release!

"How do I report bugs and other issues?"

Issue reporting portal will be available from the in-game "Help" menu once the Beta opens.


"I get a [lotroclient.exe Program Fault] error window when launching the client"

This is happening because your system is having a problem initializing the old graphics settings. You should be able to press "Ignore" at the bottom of the window a couple of times to move past these errors and run the client normally.

"I get a [lotroclient.exe Program Fault] error window after loading into the world"

This is a known issue that we're working on. You will have to press "Quit" and restart the client.

"I'm in game but I can't move or perform any other actions!"

The server probably crashed. Close the client and log in again using the launcher - the server should be back online soon.


"Can I join your team?"

We are not looking for additonal contributors at the moment. Help us by reporting any issues you find - we could reach out to you if we see good stuff coming from you!

This is not limited to bugs. If you have a good reference for mob placement, boss mechanics, scripting etc. that you think we got wrong, please share it with us through the bugtracker! Just keep in mind that "I'm 100% sure Guard should do more damage" does not qualify as "good reference" .

"But I can code!"

So can we. We are not making the source code available to anyone who isn't already a trusted member of our team.

"How can I contact you?"

The dev team doesn't have any public contact. However, we are in touch with some prominent members of our community so important information always reaches us.

"Why all this secrecy?"

Our privacy is our prerogative.


We don't maintain any official community channels beyond this website and our public bugtracker. However, there are communities forming around our server on Discord and Reddit. Search for "Echoes of Angmar" on discord.me or go to /r/EchoesofAngmar!